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Submitted on
July 30, 2010


  • Mood: Excited
  • Reading: Clash of Kings by George R. R. Martin
  • Eating: Breakfastttt
  • Drinking: Juice


:damphyr: Hey lovelies ~

Just a quick journal update! I am leaving for NYC in about an hour, and I'll be back on Sunday <3 Going up to see some of my best friends from college - I am super excited!!

While I'm away, make sure you check out my freshly-stocked Etsy Shop: for all your summer accessorizing needs! I have some fruity rings in the works, so stay tuned to see those bad boys on Monday or Tuesday of next week!

I hope everyone is having an awesome Friday and has a great weekend! :eager:

See you guys Sundayyyyyyyy :wave:


[ S L O T S ________// ]
:heart: Slot One: Allariele on GO: CG Fullbody w/BG: paid: Sketched; approved; starting more painting
:heart: Slot Two: Qaisma on GO: CG Fullbody Couple w/BG: payment pending: Rough sketch - refining
:heart: Slot Three: Dorei Kitten on GO: Fullbody CG w/BG: paid: Intializing Sketch
:heart: Slot Four: OPEN
:heart: Slot Five: OPEN


:giggle: To put in a request, please send me a note with:

:damphyr: Your order info
:damphyr: A description for what you would like drawn with several reference pieces (if possible)
:damphyr: Whether or not you would like a BG, what the BG is (or your idea)
:damphyr: Total the commission.

[ S T Y L E S . P R I C E S ________// ]
:damphyr: Sketchyy Sketch Full-body or 3/4 Body: $8 (USD)
Sketchy // full-body up
.Cere Sketch. by Lii-chan

:damphyr: Lineart Full-body: $25 (USD)
Clean lineart // full-body up
.Semaru Commission. by Lii-chan .Matisha - Journalist Commish. by Lii-chan .Eliana the Nurse Commish. by Lii-chan

:damphyr: Full Colour Head-shot: $25 (USD)
Fully detailed and coloured // shoulders-up with minimal coloured BG
.BeatrixVain Commission. by Lii-chan .Mark of the Sith. by Lii-chan .The Fairy. by Lii-chan

:damphyr: Full Colour Full-body: $60 (USD)
Fully detailed and coloured // full-body up with full BG
.Solemn Angel Lena. by Lii-chan .Raising the Dead. by Lii-chan .The Secret Kiss. by Lii-chan


:disbelief: YOU WILL NEVER USE MY ART (even art I have created specifically for you) ON YOUR WEBSITE/BLOG/ETC WITHOUT GIVING ME CREDIT (either stating my name or linking to this gallery) AND GETTING WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM ME FIRST

:damphyr: ALL orders must be paid upfront to reduce scamming.
:damphyr: All requests must have a reference piece (more than one preferred) or a detailed description.
:damphyr: WILL NOT do: yaoi/yuri // hentai // all black costumes/outfits // mecha // chibis // bright, wide-eyed anime
:damphyr: WILL do: light/tasteful nudity // OCs and Real Life // Anthro // Couples // Architecture // Landscapes // Cute little fuzzy wuzzy animals!
:damphyr: Couples cost double the original price for whatever amount you're ordering. Any others in the piece (after the couple price) are half the original price. If you do not understand, please send me a note and I'll talk it through with you. :heart:
:damphyr: Anything else? Feel free to send me a note and I'll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
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Not-a-Liz Jul 30, 2010   General Artist
Everyone's going to my hometown but me T_____T
Have fun! :D
Awwwww - I did! I had a blast!
riningear Jul 30, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh wow, you're going to NYC? How fun~ I go there all the time, it's always fun to hang around.

Anyway, have fun with your friends! ^^
I love NYC :D I got there a lot too! Thinking of moving there - I've been applying for jobs up in the city!
riningear Aug 1, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooooh, sounds like you had fun! :3
Rainbow-squirt001 Jul 30, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Awww and I am stuck in the office all Weekend! Have fun!
Ho noes! hope you got a chance to have some fun this weekend!
Rainbow-squirt001 Aug 2, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Had a blast and baked a cake... which didn't last two days...
Haha, what kind of cake?
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